Crafted Texture—A Collection For Today’s Bath

Loftex revisits and reinvents artisan craft of the past by reshaping color and texture to create a look that is at once old fashion comfort and modern living for today. The Collection is composed of 10 styles and a color palette of 10 solid colors.

The lead towel in the collection is an all over texture in piece dye with a simple veloured cuff. This solid texture merchandises back to a group of textures that range from a three color jacquard to double faced jacquards as well as double faced dobby weaves. The patented LOFTWIST construction is paired with a blend of 70% cotton and 30% jute producing an eco friendly product thru sustainable manufacturing. The lead coordinate in the collection is heritage classic which takes its inspiration from a hand loomed American wool blanket. The geometry of the design combined with the textures recreated in the weave product a design that hearkens to the past yet lives with comfort and ease in today’s bath.

Colors take their inspiration from the Autumnal leaves that each Autumn connect with and comfort the senses. Rich naturals of oak, chestnut, whitecap, and granite are accented with indigo, beet root, ginkgo and seaport.