Modern Lights—A Collection for Today’s Bath

Light defines life. It defines texture, beams life into shapes and allows forms to exist. It radiates and heals, warms and wraps one in comfort. And so it is with Loftex Bath.

Morning Lights, the collection, is composed of texture on texture with layers of absorbing softness. It is traditional in its heritage yet modern in its reality—perfect for today’s bath.

The collection is composed of 9 wovens and one print. The color palette is clean and clear in vision with transforming colors that are therapeutic and soothing to the soul. Just as the morning light defines the rituals for the beginning of another day Loftex USA defines bath for today.

Pattern Names
Tides, Water Falls, Aero, Aero Coordinate, Trigram, Tirgram Coordinate, Terrazo, Water Mark, Water Color, Dew Drop

Color Names
Shower Mist, Porcelain, Morning Light, Sunrise Glow, Morning Dawn, Mist