Loftex Beach Goes Social—Network That Is

Loftex USA’s social network introduces two lead characters for SS2012—Texter Dude© and Tweetie Sweetie©. Together with their ‘friends’ they are networking some fun in the sun on the net and beyond.

At spring breaks or summer celebrations—whether ‘chatting’, ‘posting the wall’, texting or ‘tweeting’ this social network is with it like no other group.

Texter and Tweetie lead the collection with a group of ‘Beach Tweets.’ As they text and tweet, casting the net even mom and dad come along for the virtual ride to the world’s greatest beach resorts. From South Beach to Bondi Beach’ Tahitian Palms to Aruba Sands—The virtual becomes reality for Spring Summer 2012.

Down under on Bondi Beach Texter and Tweetie meet up with best friends for beach texting and tweeting in the sands. Out of school and home for the summer they share their summer celebrations keep the net hot with picture posts, tweets and texts of SS2012 with new and old BFF!

The collection of 45 designs is a product, merchandising and marketing story that is all inclusive and engages the boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. The assortment covers print and woven with the designs addressing girl, boy, female adult and male adult.

In today’s world with 42% of in-store sales being influenced by online activity the magnitude of the web cannot be ignored. Texture Dude and Tweetie Sweetie will also be introduced on the new upcoming Loftex website that includes Facebook and Twitter pages. Stay online as they surf the net and connect with the consumer.