Weaving Machine
On these premises, we have all major production facilities capable of handling every aspect of home textile manufacturing. The Loftex operates in the most efficient and environmentally safe way possible.

Technical Standards, Testing & Quality Assurance Laboratory

Our Technical Standards, Testing & Quality Assurance Laboratory is where all of our products are rigorously tested before leaving our campus. Our thorough inspection includes an evaluation of absorbency, color fastness, shrinking, pill-resistance, linting, tensile strength and a series of other important attributes in ensuring all of our products meet their lofty expectations.

Dyeing & Finishing

This sprawling facility is where our products are dyed, treated and prepared for shipment. Most notable of all the dyeing machinery housed in this building are the micro-processor controlled Fong’s overflow dyeing machines and the Redflag continuous bleaching machines. This building also features German Texpa length-cutting and cross-hemming machines for fabric cropping.


This property is where our printed designs are produced. For this process, we use state-of-the-art flat bed screen-printing machines that allow us to apply designs that feature over 11 colors.

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