Fabric Softener Isn’t Making Your Towel Any Softer

It’s perfectly reasonable to think that the best way to make your towels softer to the touch is to add a fabric softener to your washing machine or dryer. The name of the product is the goal after all. However, this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most fabric softeners will not only make your towels no softer; they will in fact make your towel brittle and unusable.

Fabric softeners coat laundry with a thin film, making it fluffier, softer and better smelling. While these all seem like wonderful perks, they come at a very steep price for towels. The thin film coats over a towel’s terry loops keeping them from absorbing water/moisture. So while fabric softeners might make your towels feel soft, they are also rendering them pointless.

If you want a truly soft towel without sacrificing absorbency, your best bet is to buy one that uses the high quality cotton on the market. Cotton is a rich, luxurious and soft material and when woven and treated properly as it is in our Shandong campus, creates remarkably soft and absorbent towels.