Natori Is Ready To Hit the Beach

In May of 2008, we signed our first luxury designer license with the Natori Company to manufacture and distribute their collection of bath and beach towels. Since that time we have worked with Natori on a number of supreme quality towels for the home. We are now taking this relationship to new heights with the […]

Don’t Fall For Softness

When shopping for a new towel, most people are first attracted to a certain color that they feel works well with their home décor or personal style. While that color is what commonly brings people over from one end of the store to the other, it is typically their assessment of the towel’s softness that […]

Fabric Softener Isn’t Making Your Towel Any Softer

It’s perfectly reasonable to think that the best way to make your towels softer to the touch is to add a fabric softener to your washing machine or dryer. The name of the product is the goal after all. However, this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. Fabric softeners coat laundry with a thin […]